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Frequently Answered Questions

All Answers about Your Branding on a high-quality Chinese Watch.

custom watch manufacturing

Custom watch manufacturing refers to the process of creating unique, personalized watches according to specific design specifications or branding requirements.

Here are some of the most commonly used watch terms:

  • Movement – The inner mechanism of a watch that keeps time and moves the watch hands, composed of many small parts such as the mainspring, balance wheel, escapement, gear train. Common movements include automatic, manual wind, quartz, chronograph.
  • Complication – Any feature beyond just displaying the time, such as date windows, moonphase, chronograph, etc. More complications usually means a more complex movement.
  • Case – The metal housing that contains the parts of a watch. Common materials include stainless steel, titanium, gold, platinum. Case shapes include round, square, rectangular, tonneau, cushion.
  • Crystal – The transparent cover over the watch face. Common materials are sapphire crystal, mineral glass, acrylic crystal. Sapphire is the most scratch-resistant.
  • Dial – The watch face that holds the hands and displays the time and any other complications. Comes in many colors, textures and applied indices.
  • Lugs – The protruding parts on the case that the watch band or bracelet attaches to. Lug width is measured between the outer edges.
  • Crown – Knob on the side of the case used for winding the watch and setting the time/date.
  • Water resistance – Measures how much water pressure a watch can withstand. 3ATM means withstands rain/splashes. 100M means suitable for swimming.

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The duration of the manufacturing process can vary depending on the complexity of the design and the quantity of watches required. Typically, the process takes between 4-8 weeks for a complete production run.

We use a variety of high-quality materials in our custom watch manufacturing process, including stainless steel, leather, mineral glass, and more.

Yes, we welcome your designs and branding elements and can work with you to create a watch product that reflects your unique vision and goals.

Our minimum order quantity for custom watch manufacturing is 100 pieces. However, we can accommodate smaller quantities for customized prototypes.

We offer a wide range of customization options, including case size, dial texture, packaging design, and more. Our team can work with you to identify the best options for your unique needs and preferences.

Yes, we have established quality control procedures throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that each watch meets our standards of excellence and exceeds your expectations.

The pricing for custom watch manufacturing varies depending on the quantity, design complexity, and materials used. Contact us for a detailed quote based on your specific project requirements.

Yes, we can accommodate specific movement requests for your custom watch design. We offer a range of reliable and accurate movements from trusted manufacturers.

We typically require a deposit upfront to begin the manufacturing process, with the remaining balance due upon completion of the production run.

Yes, we offer a warranty on all of our custom watches to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind. The specific terms of the warranty may vary depending on the project requirements.

Yes, we can provide customized prototypes or samples for your approval before moving forward with mass production. This ensures that the final product meets your specifications and exceeds your expectations.

Yes, we offer customizable packaging design services to complement your unique watch design and branding elements.

We work with trusted shipping partners to ensure safe and timely delivery of your custom watch products. Shipping fees will depend on the destination and quantity of watches ordered.

The minimum lead time required for custom watch manufacturing depends on the complexity of the design and the quantity of watches required. For rush orders, please contact us directly to discuss options and availability.

Yes, all watches pass RoHS, REACH, CA65 standard.

20-30 days for OEM prototyping.

25-45 days for bulk mass production.


We offer the watch components storage and assemble any quantity such as few pieces or bulk production. Anyway, we deliver the orders according to your request.

Water resistance is a crucial feature of a well-made watch. The following water resistance chart provides an understanding of commonly used water resistance measurements.

Water resistance diminishes over time due to aging gaskets or deformation of watch parts from accidental shocks. That’s why we recommend regularly cleaning your watch in fresh water, drying it with a soft cloth, and having it serviced by a competent watchmaker every two to three years. This maintains your watch’s performance and longevity.

Level of watch water resistance

Level of watch water resistance


  • Don’t operate the time-setting crown or pushers while the watch is underwater. Ensure the crown is tightly pushed/screwed down after every use.
  • Never open the watch yourself. 

The key difference is their power source. Quartz watches are battery-powered, while automatic watches are powered by the movement of the wearer’s wrist.

Watch movement: Quartz and Automatic watches

Watch movement: Quartz and Automatic watches.

Quartz movement:

  • Highly appreciated for reliability and accuracy.
  • Known for durability. Simply change the battery every 1-2 years.
  • Recommended for those who prefer low maintenance.

Automatic movement:

  • For those who appreciate fine craftsmanship and precision.
  • Can last a lifetime with proper care, making them a worthwhile investment.
  • Admire the beautiful movement at work through an exhibition caseback.


From a technical and pragmatic perspective, quartz movements are often considered better. They offer reliability, accuracy, and affordability. However, for those captivated by complexity and craftsmanship, automatic movements have greater appeal.

Quartz watches contain a battery that powers a quartz crystal to vibrate at a precise frequency. This results in very accurate timekeeping with little maintenance required, beyond periodic battery replacement. Mass production also makes quartz watches quite affordable.

Automatic watches rely on the motion of the wearer’s wrist to wind a mainspring, powering a complex series of gears and levers. This old-world mechanical technology requires more upkeep but offers the satisfaction of a handcrafted timepiece. The sweeping motion of the seconds hand is also smoother on automatics.

So while quartz dominates the mainstream watch market, automatic movements continue to fascinate enthusiasts. There’s room for both, with quartz recommended for those prioritizing convenience and automatics for admirers of fine engineering and tradition. The choice ultimately comes down to personal taste and individual needs.

Case diameter is the most important factor when selecting a properly fitting watch. As a general guideline, smaller wrists suit smaller watch cases, while larger wrists can accommodate bigger timepieces. Use the watch size guide below to help determine your ideal diameter.

Watch Size Guide

Watch Size Guide

  • 34-36mm case – Best for small wrists. Gives a classic, understated look.
  • 38-42mm case – The most versatile and popular men’s size range. Suits most wrist sizes.
  • 44-46mm case – Makes a bold statement. Ideal for large wrists, but ensure lug width doesn’t overhang your wrist.

Other factors like lug-to-lug length, lug width, and case thickness also impact fit and proportions. When trying on watches, ensure the lugs don’t extend beyond the edges of your wrist. The watch case should feel comfortable without sliding around. Trends come and go, so focus on finding the size that best flatters your wrist rather than following fashion. With some basic guides and experimenting, you’ll discover your optimal watch size.

A chronograph is a mechanism for measuring short periods of time, independent of the watch’s normal timekeeping abilities. In short, a chronograph watch has stopwatch functionality. Chronographs can be recognized by their three sub-dials (small dials) on the watch face. Though the placement varies between models, they typically include:

  • Small-seconds sub-dial to showcase continuous seconds
  • Minutes counter sub-dial for the stopwatch
  • Hours counter sub-dial for long-running stopwatch timing

On the right side, chronographs have an extra crown and two pushers to start, stop, and reset the stopwatch function. This complex design creates a captivating, technical look.

Chronographs are useful tools for timing activities like races. But beyond practicality, they simply have an eye-catching aesthetic that watch enthusiasts love. The various dials give chronographs a busy, yet balanced appearance full of visual interest. So while the stopwatch features come in handy now and then, the main appeal of chronographs is often their bold styling and intricate craftsmanship.

In horology, a complication refers to any feature on a watch that goes beyond simple timetelling. Complications add extra utility and visual interest to a timepiece. Common examples include:

  • Date complications – Display the current date, often in a small window on the dial.
  • Chronograph complications – As described above, these add stopwatch functionality.
  • Dual time zone complications – Allow tracking a second time zone, useful for travelers and others coordinating across long distances.

Other possible complications include moonphase indicators, annual calendars, alarms, power reserve gauges, and more. Complex watches may incorporate many complications into an ingenious mechanical symphony.

For watch collectors and connoisseurs, complications indicate master craftsmanship in designing, engineering, and assembling intricate mechanisms. Luxury watch brands often showcase their technical expertise through novel complications. Each one requires precision machining and expert adjustment for flawless operation. As a result, complications carry prestige and can significantly increase a timepiece’s value. Even simple date or chronograph features are appreciated as extra substance beyond mere time display.

A unidirectional rotating bezel only turns counterclockwise, unlike a bidirectional bezel that rotates both ways. This one-way rotation is commonly found on diving watches and tool watches as a safety feature.

By setting the bezel’s marker to the minute hand, a diver can track elapsed time underwater. If accidentally moved, the bezel will only turn in a direction that shortens the measured time, never longer. This prevents underestimating air supply.

Above water, the unidirectional bezel also allows tracking a second time zone, timing parking meters or breaks, and other countdown tasks. Beyond functionality, it gives diving watches a technical, rugged look. The notched edges provide excellent grip, with clicks that feel substantial and precise.

For these reasons, unidirectional bezels have become expected attributes on serious dive watches. They symbolize durability, performance, and adventure. Even for non-diving enthusiasts, the tactile satisfaction of rotating a bezel one click at a time makes it a pleasing interactive feature.

It’s best to avoid changing the date indicator on your watch between 10pm and 2am. During this 4-hour span, the watch’s date discs are mechanically shifting in preparation for the next day.

Manually adjusting the date during this critical window can disrupt the automatic changing process. The force and friction applied could break delicate components that synchronize the date wheels and numerals.

To be safe, make any needed date corrections before 10pm or after 2am. At other times of day, the date can be freely set as needed without interfering with internal mechanisms. Planning date adjustments for morning or afternoon will completely avoid any risk of damage during the date changeover period late at night.

Taking this simple precaution will safeguard your watch’s date complication. Following the rule of avoiding date changes from 10pm to 2am will prevent potential issues and ensure the long-term function of this useful watch feature.

Watch Branding

We provide two main personalization options for branded timepieces:

  1. Customize ready-made watches from our extensive private label collection. These in-stock models allow unique branding in a short timeframe with low investment risk, perfect for testing a business idea. Select from a wide variety of styles to add your logo, designs, and other bespoke touches.
  2. For full customization, our team can design and produce entirely tailored watches. With over 15 years of watchmaking expertise, we excel at building completely original timepieces based on your vision and specifications. This premium service creates branding opportunities not possible with off-the-shelf models.

The first route allows affordable trial orders and quick delivery of branded watches. Our full custom service enables businesses to craft a timepiece purely representing their brand identity and values. Depending on your goals and budget, we provide the ideal watch branding solution. Get in touch to explore how our personalization services can showcase your brand on elegantly designed wristwatches.

Explore our more services:

Our watch personalization offers boundless possibilities to tailor every detail. This can include:

  • Branded dials imprinted with your logo, 3D raised logo, or fully custom artwork
  • Engravings on various watch parts like the buckle, case sides, crown, case back, and more
  • Individual serial numbering on each timepiece for limited editions
  • Your trademark or coat of arms elegantly engraved on the caseback
  • Logo or branding printed on watch boxes and packaging

In addition, we can produce custom components like branded straps, rotors, hands, and other elements to match your vision. Our experienced watchmakers build your personalized timepieces from scratch according to your exact specifications. With meticulous craftsmanship, we realize the ideal branded watches to represent your company or organization. Contact us to transform your creative concepts into reality.

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EPS and AI files are vector image formats created in Adobe Illustrator. Unlike pixel-based JPEGs, vector images can scale to any size without losing resolution or becoming blurry. This makes EPS and AI ideal for printing graphics like logos, illustrations, and layouts.

Vector images are mathematically defined using points, lines, curves, and shapes. This allows them to render smoothly at any dimension. JPEGs and other raster formats become blocky or degrade when enlarged due to their fixed pixel grids.

When sending images for printing, always supply high-resolution vector files such as EPS or AI rather than compressed JPEGs. Vector formats recreate crisply on printed materials, maintaining precision lines and sharp details on any branding.

For watch customization, we recommend submitting your logo as an EPS or AI file from Illustrator. These clean vector sources will print beautifully on watch dials, cases, packaging, and other branded elements of your personalized timepieces. Vector images give professional printed results not achievable from pixelated JPEGs or PNGs.

If your logo is not in an EPS or AI vector format, our graphic design team can help convert or recreate it properly for watch branding.

Having your logo in a high-resolution, scalable vector format is key for customized printing on watch dials, cases, packaging and other areas. Here are some options if your logo is in another file type:

  • If you have your logo as a JPEG, PNG, or other raster format, we can vectorize it by redrawing it in Illustrator. Our designers will carefully trace your logo to make a new EPS or AI file optimized for clear printing.
  • If you only have a low-res, pixelated version of your logo, we recommend recreating it from scratch as a sharp vector file. Our team can faithfully redraw your logo at high quality.
  • If you need a brand new logo designed, our talented graphic artists can work with you one-on-one to conceptualize and create a logo that captures your company’s essence.

No matter your starting point, we will ensure you end up with a print-ready vector logo file tailored for watch customization. Contact us to get your logo in the proper format for branding your personalized timepieces.

Not having a logo yet isn’t a problem. Our talented graphic designers can work with you one-on-one to create an original logo that perfectly represents your brand.

If you’re launching a new company or product line, our branding experts will guide you through the logo design process:

  • We’ll discuss your brand vision, values, style preferences and target audience. This allows us to get inside your brand DNA.
  • Our artists will use this understanding to brainstorm concepts and present you with logo options to choose from.
  • We’ll refine the logo design iteratively until you’re completely satisfied.
  • Finally, we’ll deliver your finished logo in pristine vector formats optimized for watch printing.

With years of experience crafting logos for all industries, our graphic artists know how to define brands through strategic, meaningful logo design. We’ll ensure your logo makes your promotional watches stand out while conveying your brand story. Let us make your vision a reality – contact us to get your custom logo designed today!


Use our order guide to get a practical overview with tips and useful information to make the process seamless, regardless of your price range and recipient. Or contact us directly – we take pride in advising you on the customized watch that best represents your company. As a leading Chinese manufacturer of bespoke timepieces, we provide services including logo watches, ODM watches, and OEM watches. Our expertise helps brands craft watches that reflect their identity and values. Let us know how we can help design the ideal logo watch for you.

For projects utilizing our existing private label watch collection, we accept orders starting from 100 pieces per model. For entirely custom-made designs developed from scratch, a minimum order of 500 pieces per model is required.

As a leading manufacturer of private label watches, we understand the need for lower minimums when sampling new designs. We try to accommodate smaller orders from our ready-made collection to make the process accessible. For bespoke creations tailored precisely to your brand, larger minimums allow us to deliver the specialized quality you expect. Please contact us to discuss your project – we will work to provide the ideal solution for your custom watch needs.

We set minimum order quantities to ensure competitive pricing and professional order management while maintaining high quality. However, in many cases we can accommodate orders below the minimums.

For existing designs, we may accept orders starting from 10-15 pieces per model, depending on complexity. For fully custom watches, we may accept orders from 100-250 pieces per new design.

We understand the need to sample small batches, especially for new brands and products. While our minimums allow efficiency, we aim to be flexible. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs – we will work to provide the best solution for your custom watch order. Exact pricing and minimums are available upon request based on your project details.

For projects utilizing our existing in-stock private label watch collection, delivery typically takes 4-6 weeks from order confirmation to shipment.

For fully custom watch designs, we can provide the expected delivery date once the design is finalized and approved. For new custom models, production and delivery usually takes 6-8 weeks including design finalization, sampling, mass production, and quality control.

We work to deliver your order as quickly as possible without compromising our strict quality standards. Production timelines can vary depending on order size, design complexity, customization needs, and other factors. Please reach out for a more accurate delivery estimate based on your specific custom watch order details. We will provide clear timelines and work closely with you for a seamless ordering process.

If you have a tight deadline, we may be able to shorten production times in some cases without compromising our high quality standards. Our standard delivery estimates are guaranteed, but we understand the need for rushed orders at times.

Lead times can potentially be reduced by 20-30% depending on order size, design complexity, and production schedule availability. There may be an additional expedite fee depending on the accelerated timeline.

Please email us at info@scwarnowatch.com with your desired delivery date and order details. We will review and accommodate expedited production if feasible. Our team will work hard to deliver your custom watches on an aggressive timeline while maintaining our reputation for quality craftsmanship. Let us know your ideal delivery date and we’ll advise on the best solution for your rush order.

You can easily place orders for your custom branded watches online, by phone, or email – we will provide guidance through every step. Our streamlined ordering process involves:

  1. Submit your order request through your preferred contact method – email, phone, or our website.
  2. Our team will reach out to discuss design options and create a digital proof for your approval.
  3. Once the design is finalized, we will begin production using our rigorous quality processes.
  4. Your order will be shipped within our standard 4-6 week delivery timeframe.

Throughout the process, you’ll have direct contact with our team – we don’t use call centers. We’ll provide updates and get your feedback to ensure your complete satisfaction. If you need a rushed delivery, please let us know and we’ll advise on expedited options.

Ordering custom watches is easy with our expertise guiding you. Reach out to get started on creating your ideal branded timepieces.

Once we have received your order, our designers will prepare 1-2 digital mockup samples based on your preferences for review. In most cases, one of the samples reflects the desired design, but we will generate new proposals until you are fully satisfied.

Physical printed samples are also available before mass production begins. We recommend ordering 3-5 units of your custom watch for sampling purposes. This allows you to inspect the real-life quality firsthand.

There may be a nominal fee for physical samples depending on quantity, which is credited if an order is placed. We will not proceed with full production until the design and quality is approved.

Our goal is ensuring your complete satisfaction by providing digital and/or physical samples for design verification. Please let us know if you would like complimentary digital mockups or paid physical samples to perfect your ideal branded watch.

During the initial design process, you can provide feedback and request changes to perfect your branded watch. Once the design is finalized and approved, we will proceed with production.

At the production stage, changes may still be possible by mutual agreement, but may incur additional fees and cause delays depending on the change scope. Simple text or color changes are easier to accommodate than structural modifications.

To avoid production issues, we recommend finalizing all design details upfront before approving for manufacturing. However, we aim to be flexible and understand changes are sometimes needed. Our team will advise if proposed alterations are feasible based on current status.

Please discuss any desired order changes with us as early as possible. We will work to accommodate requests while minimizing impacts to quality, costs, and delivery timelines. With open communication, we can ensure you receive custom branded watches you are excited to showcase.

Absolutely, we are happy to provide a customized, formal quote upon request.

To get a tailored quote, simply email us at info@scwarnowatch.com with:

  • The watch models you are interested in
  • Your preferred quantities per model
  • Any customization needs (unique design, packaging, etc.)

You will then be assigned a personal assistant who will work with you one-on-one to prepare a detailed quotation meeting your exact needs. They can answer any pricing questions and ensure you get the best value.

Whether you need a ballpark estimate or an official document for procurement, we make quoting easy with personalized service. Our goal is to provide complete transparency on pricing and requirements as we create the perfect custom watch for your brand. Just send us a message and we will promptly deliver a formal quote for your review.

We understand that sometimes you may only have a fixed dollar amount budgeted for your custom watch order. In that case, please contact us and let us know your budget constraint.

Rather than providing generalized pricing, we will work with you one-on-one to deliver options that match your budget requirements. Some ways we can provide flexibility include:

  • Adjusting order quantities and minimums to meet your budget
  • Prioritizing features/customizations based on your most important needs
  • Exploring alternative watch styles and quality levels
  • Discounting for large orders or long-term partnerships

Every brand has unique needs and constraints. By communicating openly about your budget, we can tailor solutions specifically for you. Our goal is making high-quality custom branding accessible, regardless of budget size. Just contact us for a personalized quote catered to your exact funding available – no obligation to order. Let’s create something exceptional that delivers real value.

Yes, we offer the ability to request a neutral or printed product sample to inspect quality firsthand before ordering.

For most watch models, we can provide a blank sample or a sample with a random logo imprint for a small fee, which covers production and handling costs. If an order is placed within 30 days of receiving your sample, this fee will be credited towards your final invoice.

Sample charges vary based on the watch type and customization. Printed samples allow you to verify logo imprint quality as well. Shipping costs for samples are additional.

Reviewing a physical sample is the best way to judge the exceptional craftsmanship of our watches before purchase. Just let us know if you’d like a blank or printed sample sent to you. Handling the watch yourself provides confidence in our manufacturing standards. We also welcome factory visits if desired.

Scwarno Watch is headquartered and manufactures in Shenzhen, China.

As a leading Chinese producer of custom branded watches for over 15 years, our factory and offices are centrally located in Shenzhen to serve both domestic and international clients efficiently.

Our strategic base in Shenzhen allows us to closely oversee all aspects of production with stringent quality control, while maintaining competitive pricing and timely fulfillment. Our teams in China and abroad work closely together to deliver exceptional value for brands globally.

Please feel free to visit our main facility in Shenzhen to see firsthand our operations, meet our skilled staff, and view our manufacturing capabilities. We welcome any audits or inspections to give you confidence in our company. Contact us anytime to discuss planning a trip to our headquarters.

We are open 24/7 year-round to provide around-the-clock support for clients worldwide.

Our offices in China adhere to standard business hours during regular working days. However, we have dedicated teams ready to assist customers anytime from all global time zones.

Whether you are based in the Americas, Europe, Asia, or elsewhere, we can connect you immediately with knowledgeable sales and service staff to discuss your branding needs. Support is always available via phone, email, and WhatsApp.

Our global presence enables truly responsive assistance regardless of the hour or location. We aim to be accessible when it’s most convenient for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out day or night. We are standing by to help customize the perfect watch representing your brand.

Yes, we deliver custom branded watches worldwide to customers in all global markets.

With decades of experience shipping internationally, we have streamlined logistics to over 220 countries and territories. Our global supply chain capabilities ensure prompt, reliable delivery anywhere you need your timepieces sent.

We offer competitive pricing thanks to our high shipping volume and negotiated carrier discounts that we can pass on.

We provide logistical support to clear customs seamlessly in any country.

Whether you need bulk shipments or individual boxes, our team handles everything including customs paperwork. Just let us know where to send your watches – we make worldwide delivery easy and cost-effective. Reach out anytime if you have a specialized shipping request.

Absolutely, we are happy to offer tailored advice to help find the ideal watches representing your brand. Our specialists excel at providing bespoke recommendations based on your needs.

Please let us know details about:

  • Your brand identity, values, and aesthetics
  • The purpose of the watches – merchandising, gifts, awards etc.
  • Your target audience and recipients
  • Quantity, budget, and any other requirements

With this information, we can then suggest specific watch styles, customization options, quality levels, and pricing that perfectly fit your brand and goals.

Our aim is taking your vision and translating it into unique, meaningful watch designs. Drawing on over 15 years of experience, we enjoy working collaboratively to bring your bespoke timepiece ideas to life. Reach out anytime and we will provide customized guidance to create watches you’re truly proud of.


We accept a variety of secure payment methods for your convenience:

  • Bank wire transfer
  • PayPal
  • Additional options upon request

Let us know if you have any specialized payment needs. Our finance team is flexible to accommodate your preferred payment method for a seamless ordering experience. We aim to make checkout simple and secure as you customize the perfect watches for your brand. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any payment questions.

We kindly request full payment upfront because the watches are customized with your branding elements specifically for your order. Since the logos and designs are unique to each client, the products cannot be resold if payment issues arise later on.

Prepayment helps ensure we can deliver your bespoke branded watches on time and in full without risk of non-payment down the line. It also allows us to allocate proper resources and materials to meet your order specifications.

We understand prepaid terms may not work for all buyers depending on internal policies. Please let us know if you require alternate payment options like 50% deposit with balance due before shipment. We aim to be flexible based on mutual trust and approval.

Our goal is simply protecting both parties given the custom nature of the watches produced. We hope you understand our rationale. Please don’t hesitate to discuss if you have any concerns over our standard 100% upfront payment terms.


Shipping costs will be calculated according to the size of your order and the destination it needs to be shipped to. Shipping rates are very competitive due to our large-volume, please check your shipping cost at checkout. 

Yes, all shipments are insured against loss or damage during transit. Our DPU (Delivery at Place Unloaded) terms mean we retain responsibility until your order arrives safely.

Shipments are protected by our comprehensive carrier insurance policies. In the rare event of any missing or damaged watches, we will promptly replace or reimburse you.

We take great care in professional packaging and handling to prevent issues. However, should anything happen, you can have peace of mind knowing your order is covered. Just contact us if you ever experience a problem with delivery.

Rest assured your custom branded watch order will ship securely and arrive in perfect condition. Our logistics experts will monitor transportation until the watches are successfully unloaded at your designated place. We appreciate your trust and aim to ensure a smooth, worry-free delivery.

We utilize trusted global carriers like DHL, UPS, and FedEx to deliver orders worldwide. The carrier used depends on the destination and service required.

For time-sensitive air freight, we often use DHL or UPS Worldwide Express. For standard ground shipping within continents, FedEx Ground and UPS Standard are common options.

We have direct integrations with these major couriers to schedule pickups, print labels, and track shipments. Our volume discounts are passed along for affordable rates. Local couriers may also be used for final mile delivery in some regions.

Please let us know if you have a preferred carrier we should ship with. We are happy to accommodate requests and provide quotes for multiple shipping options. Our dedicated logistics team handles everything from customs clearance to last mile delivery, ensuring your watches arrive quickly and safely.

Yes, if you need to update the delivery address, please contact us as soon as possible by email or phone. We will try our best to change the shipping details.

For orders that have not yet shipped, changing the address is generally not a problem. Just provide the new postal address whenever you can.

If your order is already in transit, we will try to redirect it to the new destination. Additional charges may apply from the carrier for address changes mid-shipment.

The sooner you can notify us of any address modifications, the more likely we can accommodate changes without impacting delivery time or cost. We understand adjustments are sometimes necessary. Our team will advise if we can successfully reroute based on shipment status.

Please reach out by email or phone with any shipping address amendments needed. We aim to be flexible to ensure your custom branded watches arrive where they need to go.

No. We don’t ship to PO Box addresses. 

Once your custom watch order ships out, you will receive an email confirmation with carrier tracking information.

This email will contain the tracking number(s) for your package(s). You can use this to look up the status on the carrier’s website and see detailed shipping progress as it moves through their network.

Tracking updates will show when your shipment is picked up, cleared customs (if applicable), and out for delivery so you can track each step. The tracking site will also display estimated delivery dates and notify you upon final delivery.

If you ever need help looking up tracking or have any other shipment-related questions, please contact us. We are glad to provide assistance and additional updates until your order arrives safely. Let us know if you don’t receive tracking information when expected.


Protecting your privacy is our top priority. Any personal contact information you provide is kept completely confidential and secure.

We will never sell, rent or share your email, phone number, address or any other details with outside companies without your permission. Your information is only used internally to fulfill orders and provide customer service.

We respect your privacy. If you like, we’ll be happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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