Custom High-quality Leather Watch Straps

At Scwarno Watch, we believe supreme artistry deserves the finest materials. We handpick premium leathers, including alligator, crocodile, calfskin, goatskin, and exclusive novelties from renowned tanneries worldwide. Our materials are not just rich in texture and appearance but also durable and comfortable, ensuring enduring yet elegant watch straps. With Scwarno Watch, you’re wearing art crafted from the best the world offers.

Custom Leather Watch Straps with Schwarno Watch

At Schwarno Watch, we understand that custom, high-quality leather watch straps are key to creating unique and stylish timepieces. As a leading ODM and OEM watch manufacturer in China for over 15 years, we have worked with brands worldwide to craft customized leather watch bands that elevate their designs.

Our leather watch straps are handmade from top-grade leather and customized to match your watch case designs and specifications. With an extensive range of leather types, colors, textures, and finishes to choose from, we can create the perfect watch straps to complement your watch models.

We utilize advanced manufacturing techniques and stringent quality control to produce leather watch bands that balance artistry, performance, and durability. Our experienced craftsmen pay attention to detail, allowing for customized stitching, edge painting, tapered tips, and more. With our nimble production capabilities, we can develop custom straps in small batches to suit your brand’s requirements.

At Schwarno Watch, we combine our engineering expertise with our passion for stunning and innovative watch design. If you are looking for a trusted partner to manufacture high-quality, customized leather watch straps for your upcoming designs, look no further. Reach out today to learn more about our leather watch band capabilities.

Leather Watch Strap Options

At Schwarno Watch, we offer an expansive range of high-quality leather types, colors, textures and hardware to customize your watch straps. With numerous options to choose from, you can perfectly match the styling of your watch case designs. Browse our catalog of leather selections below to discover the limitless possibilities for creating unique and stylish watch bands. Whether you prefer classic muted tones or bold pops of color, smooth finishes or visible grains, metal or leather buckles, we have the materials to bring your visions to life. With our expertise in leather craftsmanship, we will translate your custom specifications into tailored watch straps of unparalleled quality.

Our expert artisans have access to a diverse inventory of leather hides sourced from the finest tanneries around the world. By beginning with the highest grade leathers, we produce watch bands that balance beauty, comfort and durability. Let us know your preferences, and we will deliver customized leather watch straps that elevate your brand’s watch models.

Leather Types

Genuine Leather Straps

Genuine Leather

Made from the original hide with natural imperfections visible. Affordable while retaining durability.

Top Grain Leather Straps

Top Grain Leather

Treated top layer of hide makes it smooth and resistant to wear. Premium quality and appearance.

Suede watches straps


Brushed underside of leather creating a soft nap and velvety texture. Casual yet stylish.

Leather Colors

We offer a vast spectrum of leather colors to match your watch designs. Available shades include classic blacks, browns, and tans as well as bold pops of color like cherry red, forest green, and cobalt blue. We can also source unique leather hides such as ostrich and stingray.

Green Leather Watch Strap
Dark Green Leather Watch Strap
Red Leather Watch Strip
Red Leather Watch Strip
Brown Leather Watch Strap
Brown Leather Watch Strap
Light Blue Leather Watch Strap
Light Blue Leather Watch Strap
Black Leather Watch Strip
Black Leather Watch Strip
Blue Leather Watch Strap
Blue Leather Watch Strap

Leather Textures

From smooth finishes to visible natural grains, we provide a multitude of leather textures. Options include:

  • Distressed – Intentionally weathered and rubbed look
  • Pebbled – Small bump texture with depth
  • Oiled – Rich, conditioned appearance
  • Shiny – Glossy patent leather finish
Leather Textures

Hardware Options

Customize your strap’s hardware:

Finishes: Polished, Brushed,

Matte Metals: Stainless Steel, Gold-tone, Rose Gold-tone

Stainless steel watch buckle
Black Watch Buckle
Silver Watch Buckle

Customization Capabilities

Fully Customized Leather Watch Straps

At Schwarno Watch, we specialize in creating tailored leather watch straps matching your exact specifications and design needs. With our extensive customization capabilities, we can modify every detail of the leather band to perfectly complement your watch case aesthetic.

Premium Leather Customization

Our experienced artisans handcraft each strap using the premier leather type, color, texture and finish of your choice. We source high-quality hides to produce straps in unique leathers like ostrich leg, stingray, pebbled calfskin or distressed leather in your ideal shade. Every aesthetic detail of the leather can be customized.

Bespoke Hardware and Stitching

We customize the watch strap hardware to your specifications, including the buckle type, finish and color. The stitching pattern, stitch density, and thread color can also be tailored to your desired style. Your brand name or logo can even be embossed on the leather.

Ideal For Small Batch Production

With our efficient manufacturing capabilities, we can create short production runs of just a few dozen customized straps. We make the customization process accessible for brands of all sizes.

Made to Match Your Watch Case Designs

Our ultimate focus is crafting leather straps that seamlessly match your watch case designs. We ensure the details like tapered tips, thickness and length perfectly integrate with the watch model.

Customizing Your Watch Band | How to Order

Custom Tailored Lug Widths

Choosing the perfect strap width is crucial when ordering a custom watch band. Without knowing the lug width of the watch case, finding the right fit can be guesswork. At Schwarno Watch, our experts research each watch model to identify the ideal band width. For instance, when crafting a strap for an Omega Speedmaster Pro, we would search for specifics like “Omega Speedmaster Pro 3572.50 lug width”. By looking up the exact reference number, we can determine the best width match for that Speedmaster version. This diligent research ensures our custom straps flawlessly integrate with the case for a tailored fit. For any watch model, our team will source the precise lug width so your custom leather band hugs the case perfectly.

Watch straps width
Watch Straps Length

Custom Strap Lengths

The standard length for OEM leather watch straps is approximately 115mm on the hole side and 75mm on the buckle side. This 115/75mm combination is suitable for average wrist sizes of 6 to 7 inches. Wrist measurements above or below this average can require shorter or longer strap lengths. Smaller wrists under 6 inches may need 105/70mm straps, while larger wrists over 8 inches may need 125/80mm lengths. When ordering custom watch straps, using your exact wrist size as a starting point helps determine the optimal strap length. The goal is a personalized fit where the strap perfectly hugs the wrist for ideal comfort and aesthetics. We take wrist measurement into account when crafting customized leather watch bands.

Tips: Standard Lengths for women are 165mm-180mm
; men are 184mm-197mm.

Unique Style Through Custom Stitching

Schwarno Watch provides three main stitching styles for leather watch bands. The most popular is the “side” stitch – a minimalist, single line tact stitch wrapped discretely around the strap edges. This understated stitching ensures the leather remains the visual focus. It nods to classic styles while looking cleanly modern. The “full” stitching option mimics most standard OEM straps, with visible stitching traversing the entire perimeter in a continuous line. Starting from the lug end, it travels around the tip and back up the other side. Finally, the “top” stitching choice provides a single stitch line parallel to the lugs for sturdy yet simple styling. All three stitching types offer durability while catering to different aesthetic preferences. When customizing your leather watch strap, the stitching possibilities help define your unique style.

Custom Watch Strap Stitching Type
Custom Watch Strap Stitching Type
Stitching Color
Stitching Color

Finding the Right Stitching Color for You

When selecting stitching colors for custom leather watch straps, top options include matching the leather tone for cohesion, cream for a vintage aesthetic, or white for a fresh look. Black stitching also pairs beautifully with PVD black buckles. Beyond these, the stitching color choice comes down to personal preference based on the watch style and your individuality. Though we offer many colors, popular choices are those that complement the leather shade or match other components like the buckle. Select a stitching hue that speaks to your style.

Finding the Perfect Buckle Match

Buckle selection for custom leather watch straps is a personal choice. Often, customers match the buckle finish or material to the watch case finish for consistency. However, this is not a strict requirement. The size and style of the watch can also guide the ideal buckle pairing. Smaller watches tend to pair best with smaller buckles like the INOX style, while larger watches can match well with larger ARD or Pre-V buckle options. Consider both aesthetic consistency and proportions when finding the perfect custom buckle for your timepiece.

Buckle Type
Buckle Type
Straps Keepers
Straps Keepers

Custom Watch Band Keepers

Leather keepers are thin straps that the watch band tips slide into after passing through the buckle. This keeps the tips hugged close to the wrist for a tailored fit. We highly recommend ordering two keepers, especially for larger wrist sizes. The second keeper acts as a backup in case one becomes damaged. Once the leather is cut for the band, matching new keepers later is extremely difficult. Getting two keepers cut from the same ammo pouch as your strap ensures an exact color and texture match. This is why we strongly advise two keepers for all custom leather watch bands from the start. It is the best way to guarantee perfectly matched keepers that align with your unique watch strap.


Scwarno Watch offers custom watches with high-quality leather straps for unique designs. Our premium leathers include calfskin, alligator skin, and more, all sourced from the finest tanneries worldwide.

We pay meticulous attention to details like personalized stitching, debossing, painting, and more to produce leather watch straps that balance beauty, comfort, and durability.

With our versatile manufacturing capabilities and inventory of quality leather, we can develop custom leather straps tailored to your watch case designs and sizes, whether produced in small batches or large volumes.

Contact us today to learn more about our leather watch strap offerings and crafting captivating watch bands to elevate your watch models.

Cowhide watch strap
Cowhide watch strap
Cowhide watch strap
Crocodile leather watch strap
Crocodile leather watch strap
Crocodile leather watch strap
Cowhide watch strap
Cowhide watch strap
Cowhide watch strap
Cowhide watch strap
Cowhide watch strap
Cowhide watch strap
NATO style watch strap
NATO style watch strap
Cowhide watch strap
Cowhide watch strap
Cowhide watch strap
Cowhide watch strap

Genuine Leather Strap Style Watch

Genuine cowhide strap watch, Italian cowhide strap watch, North American crocodile leather strap watch

FAQs about OEM Leather Watche Straps

We use high-quality leather such as calfskin, alligator skin sourced from the finest tanneries around the world. We also offer straps in synthetic materials.

Yes, we can add your logo or name to the straps via methods like hot stamping, debossing, engraving.

For details, please refer to our OEM/ODM watch manufacturing service.

We offer stainless steel, natural wood, and other custom buckle options to choose from.

Yes, we offer fully customized watch boxes and various packaging labels that you can customize with materials, printing content, etc.

Yes, our strap thickness ranges from 1.2mm to 5mm. We can advise the optimum thickness for different watch cases.

Yes. With our in-house strap engineering equipment, we can produce straps in any size to fit your watch case.

For further assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through the following channels:

  • Email: Feel free to write to us at We aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours.
  • Contact Form: Fill out our Contact Form available on the website here for a detailed query. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We strive to make your watch customization experience smooth and enjoyable. We look forward to assisting you!

If you have any further questions, please see our FAQ page or please feel free to contact us!

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