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Custom ODM Watch Manufacturing

Scwarnowatch offers end-to-end custom ODM watch manufacturing, handling the entire process from design collaboration to factory production of your innovative watch concepts.

ODM Watch Manufacturer in China

Expert ODM Watch Manufacturing Service

Scwarnowatch is a China-based ODM watch manufacturer providing custom watch solutions worldwide since our founding in 2009. Located in Shenzhen, China, we have over a decade of experience helping brands and startups turn their watch design ideas into high-quality finished products.

As an ODM watch manufacturer, we offer end-to-end watch development services. This includes collaborating on custom watch designs, engineering specialized movements and functions, sourcing watch parts and materials, assembling prototypes, revising based on feedback, and manufacturing in our watch factory. We have worked with clients in diverse industries, including fashion, sports, tech, automotive, promotional products, and more.

In addition to our full-service ODM capabilities, we also provide OEM (original equipment manufacturer) watch services. This includes adding custom branding, logos, and design elements to watches we have already designed and produced. We can make existing watch models uniquely yours through private labeling and custom packaging.

Many clients combine our ODM and OEM services to obtain completely customized, branded watches tailored to their exact requirements. With flexible minimum order quantities, we can develop watches that reflect your brand image.

ODM Watch Services

As an ODM watch manufacturer, we offer comprehensive watch design and manufacturing services tailored to your brand’s needs.

Custom Watch Design

We collaborate with you to create unique watch designs including the case shape, materials, watch face, complications, and more. Our experienced designers can create watch dials with custom engraving, multi-dial chronographs, dual/multiple time zones, slide rule bezels, and other specialized functions.

Custom Watch Design
Watch Movement Assembly

Watch Movement Assembly

We assemble and integrate both quartz and mechanical watch movements. Our watchmakers can develop specialized complications and functions like moonphase, perpetual calendar, GMT, automatic mechanical winding, and more. We also assemble smartwatch movements with Bluetooth connectivity.

Custom Watch Straps

We source and design custom leather, metal, silicone, nylon, and other watch straps to complement your case and watch face design. Unique textures and stitching available.

Custom Watch Straps
ODM Watch Packaging


We design and produce branded presentation boxes, travel cases, and other custom watch packaging. From simple sleeves to elaborate watch boxes, we develop packaging that aligns with your brand image.


We produce multiple watch samples and prototypes for design verification and testing before full production. Revisions to the design are made based on your feedback.

Custom Watch Prototyping
Custom Watch Production


We manufacture your custom ODM watches in our ISO-certified factory in China. Our flexible minimum order quantity can be as low as 100 pieces. Quality control performed at each step.

Our ODM watch services are ideal for brands who want to offer their own line of customized, private label watches. With our expertise, we can help you achieve the watch designs and quality you desire under your own brand name. We handle everything from concept to delivery.

With low minimum order quantities, we can fulfill any size order. Whether you need a small batch of custom watches or large scale production, our capabilities can fit your needs.

OEM Watch Services

As an OEM watch manufacturer, we specialize in the manufacturing and production of quality watches.

Our OEM watch capabilities include:

  • Watch Assembly – We have the capacity to assemble watches at scale across a wide range of watch types and categories. Our assembly lines are optimized for efficient, high-volume production.
  • Component Manufacturing – We manufacture and supply watch components, including cases, dials, hands, movements, straps/bracelets, and other watch parts. Our factories are equipped for precision component manufacturing.
  • Quality Control – We have rigorous quality control procedures to ensure all watches and components meet the highest standards for reliability, accuracy, and performance.
  • Customization – While our OEM services focus on manufacturing, we can accommodate clients’ customization needs for branding, limited design modifications, packaging, and more.
  • Inventory Storage – Our facilities have significant capacity for safely storing client watch inventory before distribution.

Our OEM watch services are ideal for brands who want a turnkey watch manufacturing solution without the need to handle production themselves. We offer the quality, capacity, and capabilities to deliver your watch designs in your desired volumes.

Whether you need hundreds or thousands of watches manufactured, we have the experience and facilities to manufacture watches efficiently while meeting quality targets.

Why Choose us?

Quality and Capabilities

Our watch factory implements stringent quality control and uses advanced equipment to produce customized ODM and OEM watches.

Trust our commitment to quality and advanced capabilities for all your ODM and OEM custom watch needs, backed by our 10+ years of experience.


Our engineers develop specialized watch movements and complications to meet each custom design's technical requirements. We can engineer chronographs, dual time zones, perpetual calendars, and other functions.

Precision Manufacturing

We utilize CNC machining, injection molding, and other precise processes to craft watch cases, straps, and components. Our experienced watchmakers expertly assemble each watch.


We source and utilize high quality materials including 316L stainless steel, titanium, ceramic, leather, silicone, sapphire crystal, and more. Durable and stylish.

ISO-Certified Factory

Our manufacturing facilities meet ISO standards for quality management and control. We perform inspections at every stage of production.


We leverage our extensive patent portfolio to incorporate innovative designs and technologies into custom watches. Clients can apply for patents on their unique watch developments.

Start your ODM watch project!

To get started with a customized ODM or OEM watch project, contact our team today.

Email us directly at with your design and manufacturing requirements. We will respond with a prompt quote and suggestions.

You can also use the contact form on our website to submit an inquiry. Fill out the form describing your ideal watch specifications and quantity needs. Our team will review your request and follow up to kickstart the development process.

With over a decade of experience in the ODM/OEM watch industry, we have the expertise to turn your design concept into a high-quality tangible product efficiently. Reach out and let Scwarnowatch bring your watch vision to life!

ODM Watch Manufacturer


Supporting Subheading

ODM stands for “original design manufacturer.” An ODM watch is a custom-designed watch produced by a factory like Scwarnowatch based on the client’s specifications. The ODM handles the full development process.

The ODM process involves collaborating on the design, engineering the movement, prototyping, revising the design, and finally manufacturing the watches. The client works closely with the ODM from concept to completion.

With OEM, the manufacturer produces existing or ODM watch designs with the client’s branding applied. ODM involves creating a custom watch design from scratch. Many clients use a combination of ODM and OEM.

We can develop ODM watches with quartz, mechanical manual-wind, automatic, chronograph, Bluetooth smartwatch, and other movements. Our engineers can create specialized complications as well.

Our factory has a flexible MOQ as low as 100 pieces for ODM watch orders. This allows you to produce small batches initially.

From design to delivery, the full ODM process typically takes 2-3 months. We can expedite production in some cases. Prototyping takes 4-6 weeks before proceeding to full manufacturing.

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