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Scwarnowatch provides premium OEM watch manufacturing services for clients who want to create their own high-quality, custom-branded timepieces.

For individuals or startups looking for a small batch of watches featuring your own logo and design, we make it easy to produce sleek professional watches representing your brand. We handle the entire watch development and production process so you can simply focus on customizing the designs.

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Your Premier OEM Watch Manufacturer in China

Founded in 2009, Scwarnowatch has grown to become one of the leading OEM watch manufacturers in China. With over 10 years of experience in the watch industry, we have developed the expertise and capabilities to produce high-quality custom watches tailored to our clients’ specifications.

At Scwarnowatch, we offer end-to-end OEM watch manufacturing services. From initial design and product development to sourcing watch movements and components, to final assembly, testing and quality control, we handle every stage of the watch production process in-house. Our integrated approach enables us to deliver reliable and consistent quality while meeting your cost and time-to-market requirements.

We have experience working with major global watch brands, startup labels, and companies looking to launch their own private label watch collection. Our OEM services allow you to focus on building your brand while we leverage our technical know-how and supply chain to manufacture your customized timepieces. With low minimum order quantities, we make it easy for brands of all sizes to produce unique watches that reflect their image and values.

Over the years, we have developed trusted partnerships with leading suppliers of Swiss, Japanese and Chinese watch movements, dials, hands, cases and straps. This gives us the flexibility to match you with components that align with your product specifications, quality standards and budget. Our in-house engineering team can also help turn your design concepts into technically feasible watch designs ready for manufacturing.

At Scwarnowatch, we are committed to delivering exceptional value. As an established OEM watch maker, we have optimized our operations and supply chain to offer very competitive pricing without sacrificing on quality. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our private label and custom OEM watch manufacturing services.

Custom OEM Watch Services to Meet Your Brand's Needs

At Scwarnowatch, we provide a comprehensive range of custom OEM watch manufacturing services to help bring your unique timepiece designs to life. Our expertise covers the entire watch development and production process.

Watch Design and Engineering

Our engineering team works closely with you to turn your initial ideas into feasible watch designs. We offer full 3D CAD modeling and prototyping to visualize and test your watch concepts. Our engineers ensure your specifications are achieved from a technical perspective for movements, complications, water resistance, materials and more.

Watch Design and Engineering
Wide Selection of Watch Movements

Wide Selection of Watch Movements

Choose from our catalog of over 50 Swiss, Japanese, Chinese and other movements. Options include mechanical, automatic, quartz, chronograph, solar and kinetic movements sourced from trusted suppliers like Miyota, Seiko, Citizen and more. Our expertise in watch movement assembly ensures smooth integration and quality performance.

Custom Watch Dials and Hands

Make the watch truly yours with unique dials and hands. Our in-house dial factory produces customized dials in different base colors and materials, printed with your graphics, branding and indices. We also offer custom design and manufacturing of watch hands tailored to your brand.

Custom Watch Dials and Hands
Premium Watch Cases and Straps

Premium Watch Cases and Straps

With catalog of hundreds of watch case and strap designs, we can realize your ideal case shape, material, finish and dimensions. Case options include stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, carbon fiber with polished, brushed or PVD finishes. Custom leather, silicone, nylon straps are also available.

Assembly, Testing and Quality Control

Watch movements, dials, hands and cases come together seamlessly in our ISO 9001 certified factory. Each watch undergoes extensive quality testing and regulation for guaranteed accuracy and performance. All components and final watches are inspected to comply with your specifications.

Watches Assembly
OEM Watch Branded Packaging Solutions

Branded Packaging Solutions

We offer private label watch boxes, pouches and other packaging. Add your logo to create cohesive watch boxes and accessories that reinforce your brand.

Why OEM Watch?

The Benefits of OEM Watch Manufacturing

Partnering with Scwarnowatch for your OEM watch manufacturing provides many advantages compared to starting your own watch brand from scratch.

Save on Costs

By leveraging our established supply chains and production infrastructure, you enjoy significant cost savings on components, movements and production. Our economies of scale enable very competitive pricing.

Faster Time-to-Market

With our ready expertise and capabilities, we can manufacture your custom watches much quicker compared to building in-house capacity. Get your branded watches to market faster.

Focus on Design and Marketing

Our full-service OEM approach allows you to focus your efforts on perfecting designs and connecting with customers. We handle the entire production process end-to-end.

Leverage Our Watch Expertise

With over a decade of watch manufacturing experience, our capabilities are world class. Benefit from our technical knowledge to create quality timepieces.

Low Minimum Order Quantities

We enable small batch production runs that match your requirements. No need to commit to large order quantities.

Trusted Quality

Rigorous quality control and inspection at every stage gives assurance of reliability. Our commitment to quality satisfies the most demanding brands.

Whether you are an established brand or a startup, Scwarnowatch’s OEM watch making services enable you to produce custom-branded watches tailored to your vision and specifications. Contact us today to get started on creating your own watch collection.

Bring Your Watch Brand Vision to Life

At Scwarnowatch, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner for OEM watch manufacturing. With over 10 years of experience making custom watches, we have the expertise to turn your designs into high-quality finished timepieces.

Our full range of watch development and production services allow you to produce watches tailored to your brand and specifications. We make the process smooth and easy, while adhering to rigorous quality control.

Whether you need private label watches for your startup or require extra manufacturing capacity for an established brand, we deliver exceptional value, quality, and service.

Frequently Asked Questions.

OEM (original equipment manufacturer) refers to a company that produces watch components or full watches that another company rebrands and sells under their own name. The OEM handles the manufacturing while the client focuses on design and branding.

OEM watch makers offer end-to-end production including design, prototyping, sourcing parts, assembly, testing, quality control, and private label packaging. Some also help with the watch development process.

OEMs can source a wide variety of movements including mechanical, automatic, quartz, kinetic, solar, chronograph, etc. Popular options are Japanese movements from Miyota, Seiko or Swiss movements.

Yes, most OEM watch makers have low minimum order quantities in the hundreds or thousands. This makes it feasible for startups and new brands.

With an experienced OEM, the process can be completed in 1-3 months typically. The timeline depends on watch complexity and customization.

Established OEM watch makers invest heavily in quality control and regulation. The watches produced match the specifications and quality standards requested by the client brand.

Yes, OEM leverages existing infrastructure and supply chains, which significantly reduces costs compared to vertical integration.

Most OEMs can provide fully private labeled watch boxes, pouches, pillows etc. featuring your branding. Some also offer display boxes.

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