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At Scwarno Watch, we specialize in creating custom logo watches for brands looking to leave a lasting impression on their customers. Our logo watch service allows you to create a personalized and unique timepiece that reflects your brand identity and messaging. Whether you’re looking to provide branded watches as corporate gifts or sell them as merchandising items, our team of experienced designers and manufacturers can bring your vision to life. With a wide range of customization options available, including watch face design, strap materials, and packaging options, we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure your logo watch accurately represents your brand and exceeds your expectations. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our logo watch service and take the first step towards creating a one-of-a-kind timepiece for your brand.

5 Key Benefits of Custom Logo Watches for Your Brand

  1. Brand promotion: Custom logo watches are an excellent way to promote your brand. By displaying your logo on a watch, you’ll increase brand awareness and provide a lasting impression for your customers. Whether you’re giving out watches as corporate gifts or selling them as merchandise, custom logo watches can help elevate your brand to the next level.

  2. Personalization: A custom logo watch is a unique accessory that can be tailored to your brand’s identity and messaging. With various customization options available, you can create a watch that reflects your brand’s values and style. This personalization can help differentiate your brand from competitors and provide a memorable customer experience.

  3. High-Quality Timepieces: Our team of experienced designers and manufacturers creates high-quality watches that reflect your brand’s image. You can count on our expertise and craftsmanship to deliver a one-of-a-kind timepiece that meets your expectations in terms of design, quality, and functionality.

  4. Versatility: Logo watches are versatile items that can be used in various situations. They can be given as corporate gifts, sold as merchandise, or used as part of a uniform for employees. They’re suitable for any occasion and can be designed to fit different styles, making them a flexible branding tool.

  5. Increased Customer Loyalty: Custom logo watches can enhance customer loyalty by providing a unique and valuable product that customers appreciate and use regularly. By offering quality watches, you’re demonstrating your commitment to quality, which can lead to long-term customer relationships.

In summary, custom logo watches are an excellent way to promote your brand, personalize your accessories, offer high-quality products, and increase customer loyalty. Contact us today to learn more about our logo watch services and how we can help you leverage these benefits for your business.

Logo Watch
Logo Watches Custom

Applications of Custom Logo Watch

  1. Corporate Gifts: Custom logo watches can be given as gifts to corporate clients, partners, or employees during events such as conferences, meetings, or company milestones. This helps promote the brand and establish stronger relationships with stakeholders.

  2. Merchandising: Custom logo watches can be sold as merchandising items on online stores or brick-and-mortar locations. This helps generate additional revenue for the brand and provides a unique product that customers can use and wear regularly.

  3. Uniforms: Custom logo watches can be integrated into employee uniforms as an accessory. This creates a cohesive look and promotes the brand to customers who interact with employees.

  4. Sports Teams: Custom logo watches can be created for sports teams at various levels, including high schools, colleges, and professional leagues. These watches can be worn by players and coaches during games and practices, further promoting the team and the brand.

  5. Special Occasions: Custom logo watches can be created for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, or graduations. These watches can serve as commemorative gifts that provide a lasting memory of the event.

Custom logo watches can be used in many more scenarios beyond these examples, and their versatility makes them a valuable asset for any brand looking to promote their identity and establish stronger connections with customers and stakeholders.

Logo Watch Considerations

  • Personalized for your watch: We offer custom logo watches that are tailored to reflect your brand identity and messaging.
  • Great for corporate gifts: Custom logo watches make excellent corporate gifts that can leave a lasting impression on clients, partners, or employees.
  • Quick & easy, when time is of concern: Our team of experienced designers and manufacturers work efficiently to deliver high-quality watches with fast turnaround times, ensuring you receive your order quickly.
  • Printed and assembled in China: We take pride in our China-made watches, which are printed and assembled locally for quality assurance and faster delivery times.
  • Wide variety of material and style options: We offer a wide range of customization options for material, style, and design, allowing you to create a unique and personalized watch that reflects your brand’s values and image.
  • No minimum order quantities: Whether you need one watch or hundreds, we can accommodate any order size without compromising on quality.
  • High-quality printing and engraving: Our precision printing and engraving techniques ensure that your logo is accurately represented and displayed on the watch face or back.
  • Quick and instant quotes: Get a quick and accurate quote for your custom logo watch order with no hidden fees or charges.
  • Designed for retail: Our custom logo watches are designed to be sold as merchandise in retail stores or online shops.
  • Made for your brand: At every step of the process, our team works closely with you to ensure that your custom logo watch meets your exact specifications and represents your brand accurately.
Custom Watch with Company Logo
Watch Manufacturing

Our Custom Logo Watch Manufacturing Process

At Scwarno, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment and stringent quality control to produce high-quality custom logo watches.

  • Design Consultation: We learn about your brand identity and goals to provide design recommendations for your custom logo watch dial.
  • Logo and Dial Design: Our creative team helps design an attractive, polished dial showcasing your logo.
  • Watch Customization: Choose the watch model, logo size and placement, colors, and premium packaging.
  • Production: We manufacture your personalized watches using the latest tech and precision techniques.
  • Quality Assurance: Each custom logo watch undergoes thorough inspection and testing to meet our strict standards.
  • Delivery: Watches are securely shipped worldwide or within China. We provide fast turnaround times.

Our streamlined process delivers tailored logo watches you’ll be proud to wear and gift. Contact us today for a free quote on your next custom watch order.

Tailor-made Watch Branding Solutions

Custom Logo Watches Options

Make our custom logo watches uniquely yours by selecting from these customization options:

  • Watch Models – Choose from our collection of classic and modern styles including chronograph, minimalist, diving, and more.
  • Logo Size and Placement – Make a bold statement with a large, centered logo, or remain subtle with a small side or back placement.
  • Colors – Match your brand colors or create your own look with different band, dial, and logo colors.
  • Packaging – Upgrade to premium watch boxes, pouches and packaging. Add custom inserts with your logo and brand message.
  • Engravings – Engrave words or designs on the watch back for a personal touch.
  • Watch Strap – Select metal, leather, silicone, nylon, and other band materials that fit your brand’s style.
  • Quantity – Order in bulk or lower quantities. Our manufacturing capabilities accommodate projects of all sizes.

With Scwarno’s range of customization options, you can create unique logo watches tailored to your brand and promotion needs. Contact us to bring your custom watch vision to life.

OEM and ODM Watch Options
Tailor-made Watch Branding Solutions

Watch Branding Options

Custom Logo Imprint Area

Watch Branding Options
custom logo on watch dial

Custom Logo on Watch Dial

Adding your logo to the watch dial creates maximum visual impact, allowing us to design a fully customized dial displaying your emblem boldly or subtly according to your vision.

custom logo on watch case back

Custom Logo on Watch Case Back

An engraved or printed insignia on the case back labels your timepieces for authenticity while alluding to the customization inside. Our expert craftsmen create shapely case backs that can be personalized.

custom logo on watch strap

Custom Logo on Watch Strap

Your logo debossed, printed, or embossed onto the watch strap will stay close to the wearer’s wrist for constant branded exposure. We can source quality straps in an array of materials and use advanced techniques to apply logos durably.

custom logo on watch buckle

Custom Logo on Watch Buckle

While subtler than other locations, a branded buckle clasp offers a refined touch. We utilize processes like CNC machining to add logos without impacting buckle function.

custom logo on watch crown

Custom Logo on Watch Crown

Seeing your mark of distinction on the watch crown every time they check the time reinforces your brand in the wearer’s mind. Our factories can embellish crowns using methods like precision engraving or enamel filling.

Custom Logo on Watch Packaging

Custom Logo on Watch Packaging

Finish off your Logo image with tailored printing on our signature gift box wraps. Digitally print or heat stamp your logo on the external case to align with your brand style.

Printing Options

Digital printing: Full-color printing to match your brand identity. We will try to match PMS colors as closely as possible.

Hot stamp: Our hot stamp print is slightly embossed and printed with your choice of color. Options include silver, gold, white, and gloss black.

Standard: Our standard Private Label watch packaging includes an elegant hot stamp of “Swiss Quartz” in white on the sleeve. You may also request a generic sleeve with no printing on it.

Printing Options


Now offering 4-color process printing. Print full color images, including gradients.

Custom Logo Digital Printing Example
Custom Logo Digital Printing


Perfect when you need spot color, PMS color matching or crisp registration.

Custom Logo Watch Pad Printing
Custom Logo Watch Pad Printing Example


Below are the imprinting options we offer to create your Private Label brand. Our art department will work with you closely to create the perfect print.

Note: If you don’t already have digital files of your artwork, send us your business card or stationery, and our art department will take care of everything.

Standard Block Type of Logo
One line / Two lines
Standard Block Type of Logo

Your store name will be printed in one of our standard block types in stock.

Standard Script Type of Logo
One line / Two lines
Standard Script Type

Your store name will be printed in one of our standard script types.

Diamond Accent
Diamond Accent
Diamond Accent

Diamond enhancement will be added above or below the store name or logo.

Your Logo
Your Logo
Logo Image

Your logo, based on your provided artwork, will be imprinted on the dial.

Customize your own brand logo in different components on the watch

Custom Logo Watch FAQs

We can print full color logos, monochrome logos, and single color logos on the watch dials. Complex logos are also possible.

Yes, we’re happy to produce a physical sample watch so you can evaluate the quality before full production.

We use specialized techniques to ensure the logo prints stay vivid and intact through years of wear.

Yes, we provide order status updates throughout the design, production, quality checks, and shipping.

Our design team can help design or refine your watch dial and logo for a professional cohesive look.

We accept PayPal, credit card, wire transfer, Alibaba payment. Terms are flexible.

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