Corporate Logo Watches: How Custom Branded Watches Can Benefit Your Business
Looking for corporate logo watches to promote your business? This article introduces what custom branded logo watches are, their benefits, design choices, customization process and more.

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Corporate Logo Watches

What Are Corporate Logo Watches and Why Should You Care?

Companies invest a lot in building their brand image and promoting their logos. An effective way to turn employees into brand ambassadors is through corporate logo watches.

A corporate logo watch is a customized wristwatch featuring a company’s logo and sometimes slogan printed on the dial and/or engraved on the case back. Companies can order branded logo watches in bulk and distribute to employees and important clients as gifts for various occasions.

Unlike generic gifts such as mugs and t-shirts, a quality custom-made watch with the company logo makes a classy and meaningful gift. It shows pride in working for the company and helps spread brand awareness. Employees would be happy to wear the watch daily. The watch also serves as a constant reminder of the company’s core values and mission statement.

For clients, having a customized timepiece carrying your logo makes them feel valued and builds lasting affinity with your brand. The watch becomes a daily brand touchpoint beyond your company’s products/services.

Why Custom Corporate Logo Watches Are an Excellent Promotional Item

Getting custom branded logo watches for your company has many benefits as a promotional item. Here are some top reasons to invest in corporate logo watches:

  • Long lifespan – Unlike pens, mugs, and other giveaways, a quality watch can last for years or even decades if properly cared for. That’s years of brand exposure and advertising for your company.
  • Daily use – Watches are worn daily on people’s wrists. This ensures your logo receives maximum impressions and visibility every day.
  • Conversation starter – A nice corporate watch will get attention and compliments, allowing the wearer to talk about your company. This creates word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Flexible and versatile – Watches work as gifts for employees, clients, partners, event attendees, and more. They appeal to men and women of all ages.
  • Prestigious and professional – More than other promo items, watches convey prestige and professionalism for your brand.
  • Value – Though pricier than other giveaways, watches have a lasting perceived value that makes recipients cherish them.

With countless branding touchpoints over the years, corporate logo watches deliver exceptional ROI compared to other promotional products. They are a branding investment rather than just an expense.

Factors to Consider When Designing Your Corporate Logo Watch

Once you’ve decided to order custom logo watches, some thoughtful design will maximize their branding impact. Here are key factors to consider:

  • Watch style – Choose a unisex, classic watch style suitable for both men and women or design watches for each gender. Simple and elegant works best.
  • Strap material – Leather, metal, silicone, nylon? The strap material affects aesthetics, comfort, and durability.
  • Color scheme – Match your brand colors or complement them. Contrast the colors between the dial, case, and strap.
  • Watch size – Standard men’s and women’s watch sizes cater to most people. Have a few extra large and small sizes on hand.
  • Logo placement – Logo on the watch face, case back, or both? Keep it prominent but subtle.
  • Readability – Prioritize easy readability of the watch hands and numerals over the logo design.
  • Personalization – Offer engraving names or messages on the case back for a special touch.
  • Budget – Decide which watch features fit your branding budget. Focus investment on quality over quantity.

With some strategic thinking, your custom corporate watch can become a moving billboard that builds your brand identity.

Company Logo Watch
Company Logo Watch

How to Order Your Custom Branded Logo Watches

Once your design is ready, here is an overview of the process to order corporate logo watches:

  • Get quotes – Contact a few reputable watch brands/factories and provide your design specifications. Ask for pricing quotes based on order quantity.
  • Choose a vendor – Compare not just prices but quality, customization options, production capability, reviews and service.
  • Place order – Place the order with your chosen vendor and sign any agreements. Arrange prepayment.
  • Finalize design – Work closely with the vendor on final adjustments like fonts, colors and spacing. Approve a design proof.
  • Production – The watches get manufactured, with production time depending on order size. Optimal is 6-8 weeks.
  • Quality check – You will receive samples to check that the logo watches meet your standards before approving mass production.
  • Delivery – The vendor ships the final batch via air/sea freight and delivers to your door.
  • Logistics – You handle internal logistics of distributing the watches to employees or external clients.

With attention to detail at each step, you will receive a batch of logo watches that make a powerful branding statement.

Learn More about How to Order?

Watch Branding Options
Watch Branding Options

Why Choose Scwarnowatch for Your Custom Logo Watches

When choosing a vendor for your corporate logo watches, go with an experienced expert like Scwarnowatch. Here are key reasons to trust us for your branded timepieces:

  • 14+ years of experience creating promotional logo watches for hundreds of companies. We are professionals in this niche.
  • End-to-end service including design support, production, quality control, and delivery to your location.
  • A dedicated account manager provides one-on-one guidance from design to delivery.
  • We utilize top watch factories in China that produce for many watch brands. Excellent quality assurance.
  • Large production capacity to handle small & bulk orders, as low as 100 watches.
  • A wide selection of watch types, materials, sizes, and design options to meet your needs.
  • Competitive transparent pricing with no hidden fees. We offer the best value.
  • On-time delivery record exceeding 95% to meet your deadlines.

For a smooth ordering experience and branded watches your staff and clients will proudly wear, choose the experts at Scwarnowatch. Reach out for a quote today!

Corporate Logo Watch Success Stories

Our custom logo watches have helped companies from all industries boost their brand image. Here are some success stories from our clients:

  • Law Firm ABC

We made premium leather watches featuring their prestigious law firm logo for all partners and staff. This helped project an image of professionalism and boosted internal morale. The partners now proudly wear their watches to client meetings.

  • Fortune 500 Tech Company

This company ordered 1000 metal watches with their logo as attendee gifts for their annual corporate event. The stylish watches served as a popular souvenir that spark conversation about the company long after the event.

  • Nonprofit Organization GreenEarth

For their fundraising gala, we produced 300 eco-friendly watches made of recycled materials featuring their logo. These sustainable watches aligned perfectly with their environmentalist image and mission.

  • Construction Company DEF

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, they ordered 500 watches with a “Celebrating 25 Years” message engraved on an elegant watch dial. Employees appreciated these meaningful mementos.

The success of these companies shows how custom logo watches can become powerful branding tools when done right. Let us make watches that work for your brand too!

Promote Your Brand with Custom Logo Watches

A custom wristwatch makes a fine gift for employees and clients while doubling as a mini billboard for your brand. Corporate logo watches convey professionalism and quality while being a daily reminder of your company.

Compared to other promotional products, custom watches combine prestige, excellent perceived value, and durability measured in decades. Simple, tasteful design maximizes their branding impact.

Yet quality logo watches remain an affordable investment considering their long usable lifespan and the immense promotional value for your brand. They deliver an impressive ROI compared to other giveaways.

Scwarnowatch offers the complete solution for ordering exquisite custom logo watches that fit your budget. Our experts will guide you from design to delivering the watches to your recipients.

Want to explore how corporate logo watches can benefit your business? Contact us today for a personalized quote and consultation. Our watches could be marketing your brand before you know it!

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